Our only fear


Have you noticed how many words we have for fear in the English language?  What is fascinating is how they provide for a wide range of emotions from terror at one end of the scale to caution at the other.  Being pursued by a hungry lion is very different from prudently holding back in an unfamiliar environment.  Our choice of words is not just determined by the size of the threat but how reasonable our fear is.  Phobias are imaginary fears such as claustrophobia,- fear of small spaces – arachnophobia, fear of spiders – or agoraphobia, fear of crowds.   We do not talk about tiger phobia!

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The Fire of Devotion

Fire of Devotion

As Christians, we need to maintain the fire of devotion
to Christ in our hearts. We are constantly surrounded by
circumstances, pressures, temptations, people, both Christian
and non-Christian who either intentionally or unintentionally
by their actions quench the fire burning in our hearts.
We can keep the fire burning by confessing to God anything
we have done that grieves Him, surrendering to Him afresh to
obey all He clearly shows us and getting involved in serving
Him. Do this and the fire of devotion will blaze up again in
our hearts.

By Frank Hutchinson.



His work or mine?

Gospel. As Christians, we mention the word quite often, and we know it means “good news”.

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Just Jesus…


Ok so I’m a Christian and I profess Christ as my saviour. I know my sins are forgiven and that I will get to heaven when I die.

But what about getting through each day? There is so much pressure on all of us, and it’s like they tell us, anxiety is at an all-time high, don’t we need all the help we can get?

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Debt Free Life.


Want to be debt free?  This has been an unreachable dream for most of us, particularly in the modern

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